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Slider window tintWhy Window Tint should be Installed in Every Home

There are many benefits of home window tint, also known as solar window film. The primary purpose of solar window film is to deflect direct sunlight and there are a number of reasons to tint your windows:

Protect the health and comfort of your family

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight is harmful and can cause deterioration of the skin which leads to dry itchy skin and rashes, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Home window tint blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light that causes such damage. This allows you to save your family’s sun exposure for outdoor activities and provides you ultimate protection indoors.

Protect the interior of your house

Sunlight fades carpet, drapes, and furniture. And heat damages electronics and digital items and causes wood to warp.

In addition to sunlight deflection, solar window film passively reflects and absorbs up to 70% of incoming solar heat. Window tinting protects your home and your favorite belongings, keeps them in excellent shape, and ensures they last a long time.

Improve finances by conserving energy

Home window tint reduces your energy bills and can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Solar window film decreases heat to keep your home cool in the summer. And did you know that it also has an insulating effect that will keep heat in your house during the winter? This will have a significant impact on your electricity bill all year long. Some families report up to 25% savings each month!

Guard your privacy

Enhance your privacy and have a beautiful view!

Solar window film comes in many colors, shades, and various levels of reflectivity. Dave’s Window Tinting can work with you to find the ideal type of tint for your privacy needs.

Improve your curb appeal

Home window tint can obscure the view of the inside of your home from the exterior, giving a neat, clean look to your home. Solar window film comes in many colors and shades as well so it can complement your home’s style.

Calling Dave’s Window Tinting is a simple step to improving your family’s health, comfort, finances, and privacy, as well as improving the look of your home.

Security Film 2Safety/Security Film

Safety and Security Window Films transform your windows from your weakest links to a source of strength, helping to protect your home and your family from threats such as break-ins and severe weather events like hurricanes.

The safety and security window films installed by Dave’s Window Tinting are designed to help hold glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass during severe weather. Because these films hold the glass together, a stronger barrier is created, slowing down criminals to the point where they may choose to flee for an easier target. Dave’s safety and security window films are available in clear, safety-only versions, or as a combination film with both sun control and safety features.

What Our Clients Say
Maria H.   

Dave installed tinted window film on my bedroom, living room, and car windows. Dave was wonderful! He was prompt, courteous, and very professional. He did a great job, and even helped me find and fill out the rebate form online in order to receive a rebate from my electric company! After the rebate, the cost of his services was reduced by almost $200! I would recommend Dave to anyone looking for tinting services!

Jay H.   

Removed old window tinting and applied new window tinting. The removal of the old tinting and application of the new tinting went flawlessly. Dave's Window Tinting did a great job. The product he recommended definitely lives up to the claims. The heat reduction is certainly noticeable.

Peggy P.   

Applied tinting film to large window with three panels.
Great! Dave gave us an estimate on Thursday and completed the job on the following Wednesday. He was very neat, punctual, and professional. The cost was very reasonable and less than the big box stores. I would definitely use his services again.

Rod C.   

Dave provided window tinting and applied store lettering for my new retail store. Everything looks great! Dave was very punctual and actually showed up a little early to do the job! He even went above and beyond at no extra cost to move a sign I had! Great job! I highly recommend him and will definitely use him again in the future!

Tim D.   

Dave was punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. He gave us the best price for the combination of materials and services we were looking for. The job was completed on schedule and the finished product looks great. We would definitely use Dave's Window Tinting again in the future.

Steve H.   

Dave is an artist. He was timely and masterful in his helping us select the right tinting for each window. He appled the tinting in a professional manner and you can not see any bubble or seams. He then walked us through the application for the rebate from the eletric company that will cover over 25% of our cost. We can already feel the difference and wish we had called Dave a couple of years ago. You will feel the same way!

Ellen R.   

Great job. Dave had to install window tint on our 3 high windows. He had a huge ladder and amazingly was up there installing the tint like it was nothing. We are very happy with the job he did. I would definitely recommend him.

Cheryl F.   

Great! Dave arrived on time, was professional, courteous. He cleaned up his work area and the windows look wonderful. Would definitely use this company again. No complaints.


I needed to tint a small Lanai and was recommended Dave's Tinting on this site. Great work, thinking about tinting my cars windows now. Thanks